Claim it at Poplar Grove Park

We are creating public art pieces for three sites in West Salt Lake. This presents us with challenges and opportunities.

Some of the challenges:

  • How can we work over time with a variety of stakeholders to create pieces that are truly from and of the community?teresa-poplar
  • What will the work look like and how many hands will craft it?
  • How will we make choices between different ideas as we go forward?

The truth is that we don’t know. At least not yet.

But we are crafting the process to get us to that point, one that is complex and broad enough to capture the variety of voices and faces we need to hear from and see. We may not see the artwork just yet, but we see all of the rich storytelling opportunities that working to see it presents.

Last night presented one of these opportunities at the University Neighborhood Partners in the Park event at Poplar Grove. Local residents – with the welcome encouragement of Teresa from UNP – accepted our invitation to Claim It!

Some of the claims made:

  • I want to claim more mercy.
  • I want to claim more advocacy for victims of domestic violence.eaquality- poplar
  • I want to claim more education for kids.
  • I want to claim opportunities for better jobs.
  • I claim my family.
  • I claim my right to live in world where people with different perspectives get to live and work together.

Join us and make your claim this Saturday, August 1st at: