Claim it! at the Library

We are so happy to have been included in the Alt Press Fest activities at the Main Library last weekend. Alternative press looks like many different things as a product, but as a process it is a way to have multiple voices delivered in a variety of media, through non-traditional routes. It is an opportunity for self-publishing and small publishing of perspectives that do not tend to be covered in broad news and traditional publishing. For us it was a perfect fit. Claim-It_Alt-Press- heard as a womanDocumenting our communities claims through conversation and photography. And it was a broad section of the community, our roughly 60 participants represented over 15 different zip codes. Some of their claims:

I claim my dolls.

I claim more Pokemon cards.Claim-It_Alt-Press_133- to learn

I claim that Alliance House is Happiness.

I claim my right to marry.

I claim my strength as a woman.

I claim my right to make bad art.Claim-It_Alt-Press_121- to make art

I want to claim more space for people on foot and people on bikes.

What will your claim be?