Claim it!: Hartland

Claim-It-Hartland_50J reaches over and takes the pen out of my hand when I ask the group of elementary students at Hartland, “What does it mean to claim something?” “It means this is now mine,” he says, and everyone laughs at his bold, and pretty accurate move.

It is one of those cool, big pens that has eight different colored inks inside and actually belongs to my daughter, so I have to “re-claim it.” But J is right, claiming is about ownership, assertions and senses of belonging and having. As a group we talk about how we can make our claims known to others and what happens when your claims are ignored. Throughout the summer and fall we will be at locations throughout the city asking for participants of all ages and neighborhoods to document their claims and respond to each other. It will be a mobile, visual conversation.

Claim-It-Hartland_12This is the list the Hartland kids come up with about things they claim:

  • To take or take back
  • Winning a prize
  • To own it
  • Territory
  • Personal space
  • Time
  • House
  • Country or countries
  • Food and the type of food you really want to eat
  • Bedrooms and living rooms
  • Video games and their stuff