LIA Art on Display at Sorenson Center

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Would you be able to make a statement about yourself within a 2X3 inch box?

That would be pretty tough, right?

The ambitious students from Glendale Middle School’s Latinos in Action class accepted this challenge to claim something important about themselves within an Altoid box.  Using 3D visual elements and their awesome artistic minds, they have transformed these tiny spaces.  This year the class has been exploring the concept of Claim It!  as part of a National Endowment for the Arts funded program with Salt Lake City and the Unity Center. These young people hope to give a voice to their community, their families, friends and to themselves.

The classroom was a buzz of energy as they discussed what they were thinking about, and rummaged through boxes of fabric, old toys, and paper.  After diving in with their hands and intuition, they stepped back to examine what they had made.  As part of their piece, each artist has written a statement describing the artwork in their own words.  Some of the questions they answered are:

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What is your box trying to say?

Why did you choose the colors/materials that you did?

Did you learn something about yourself while making this box?

How does your art piece show what is important to you?

Is there a story to go with your box?

Does it inspire a poem?

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Look for more artwork from these dynamic artists at the Sorenson Center this May!

Sarah Kappos