LIA show at Poor Yorick

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The LIA students did such fine work on their drawings, that they were invited to participate in a show at Poor Yorick studios!  Twice a year this artist space opens its’ doors and invites the public inside to see what they’ve been making.

Megan Hallet and Sarah Kappos were on site taking photographs and asking people to make claims about something important to them.  OurSLC:  Claim It! is asking people to think:  What is really important to me?  Many folks were surprised at how difficult of a question this actually is.  They also felt hesitant to write something in bold letters and be photographed holding up their claim.

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Fortunately, the students at LIA will have a little more time to answer this important question.  Guests were delighted with the drawings.  I saw them smile as they peered into the drawings and read the claim posted below.  I learned that a picture can enhance the power of a person’s claim.

Wall of claims added to by participants through out the evening.

Wall of claims added to by participants through out the evening.

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“I claim my whole live”

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“I claim dance”

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“I claim my brothers”

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“I claim the world.”

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“I will claim anything I can reach, everything is at my fingertips, all I have to do is claim it.”

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“If I could claim the world, I would end lies and I would end poverty and I would end killing.”