Our Team


photo meMegan – The Civic Arts Curator was raised in San Diego and spent her first 17 years there. She went to college in St. Mary’s City, Maryland and graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts. She later obtained a masters degree in education from the University of Utah. She has been working as an art teacher for the last 15 years, in a variety of settings. These have included a botanical garden, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and now, the Salt Lake City School District. She is interested in helping people of all ages and abilities find confidence in creating art and sharing their stories in all possible forms. She has curated and co-produced a number of art exhibits involving youth including Community: Eat, Work, Play, Thrive at Art Access and participated in Drive By Art, located in downtown Salt Lake City. She is currently the director of the non-profit Framework Arts,which is a project-based, curriculum-building organization that engages youth and educators throughout the community in creating and representing personal narratives.


moanablog7Moana – The Teaching Artist/Community Arts Coordinator was born on the Westside of Salt Lake City to ‘Alama and Losaline ‘Ulu’ave, both of Niuafo’ou, Tongatapu. She is an Oprah Winfrey High School Essay Contest winner and a Gates Millennium Scholar. In April of 2012, she graduated with University Honors from BYU in English and a minor in Sociology. Her honors thesis was entitled, Tauhi Va: Nourishing the Space Between–A Collection of Essays which dealt with her love of growing up in Glendale and her identities as a Mormon, Tongan, and American woman. In May 2014, she graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Arts in Education program. Today, you can find Moana at the Sorenson Unity Center serving her own community through arts and activism. In her spare time, she likes to laugh with her family, watch sitcoms, and write brief, but fierce essays.


ebunkerpicElisabeth – The Art Educator moved to Salt Lake City after receiving a BFA in Painting from Metropolitan State University of Denver. She’s been teaching here since 2011, and currently teaches art at Utah International Charter School. She is constantly inspired by her diverse, dynamic and international students and the complexities of life here in the beautiful state of Utah. In 2015, she obtained a Master’s in Nonprofit Management and continues to pursue her own work as an artist.


skapposSarah – The Art Educator has been vibrantly teaching art for the last six years.   She believes every single person is capable of artistic expression.  Her work includes four years of after school art with YouthCity, and ongoing classes at The Road Home’s Palmer Court.  She is Artist in Residence for the local non-profit  Fit To Recover where she has painted murals and taught creative writing. Currently, she is working as Artist in Residence with us and Glendale Middle School’s Latinos In Action.  Her favorite thing about teaching art is being surprised by her students.  When she is surprised, it means she is learning.  She will eagerly adapt her lesson plans to allow space for students to go in the direction of their passionate interest or to answer their questions.  As an art educator, she values pushing through mistakes and frustration in order to find the finished piece.