Out at the Oxbow


CityLab teens got the chance to get out and about with Lewis Kogan and Nancy Monteith from Salt Lake City’s Parks and Public Lands Division as they toured the Oxbow Site. If you haven’t been there, this is the area just west of where 900 South meets the Jordan River, and where the river makes a gigantic bend (called an oxbow). The whole area has recently been transformed into a wetlands wildlife viewing area, and will soon have a community artwork designed by CityLab.

Lewis helped the Claim it! students learn something about the history of the space, from it being a train line, to a dump, to now a beautiful natural place. We also learned about how the water can soak through the ground and make the pond area go up and down. This means that our design will have to be firmly planted, or flexible enough to survive the floods. Thanks to Lewis and Nancy for guiding us on what can and can’t be included in our installation. Sorry Gabby, we still can’t put a snack shack on one of the little islands, but we can make a chill spot for community gathering.


Along the Jordan River at the Oxbow Nature Park Site


4.5-acre “Oxbow” micro-wetlands restoration area prior to site work, 2012