What is a social practice of art making?

Claim-It_PacificIsland_278- aug 1In the words of Randy Kennedy, the social practice of art making “blur(s) the lines among object making, performance, political activism, community organizing, environmentalism, and investigative journalism, creating a deeply participatory art.”

This distinction is an import one for this community art project. The artwork will not only be the resulting public art objects, but the entire conversation created around the theme of claiming it. The Claim-It_PacificIsland_273performance of claiming something, through your participation, becomes attached to the final objects.

It is our hope that Claim it! is genuinely participatory in its approach, meaning that we set up a variety of activities through which people from all over the city – with a geographic focus on West Salt Lake – access the theme and interpret it from their experience.

Join us for the performance, the Claim-It_PacificIsland_317 (1)conversation, and the documentation of claiming what is important to you, right now, right here, in our SLC.