What We’ve Been Doing This Summer

Jesus walks into the art room with a quiet respect for space where art is made. I write the prompt on the board: What do you claim in your life? He tells us, he claims his art and that it’s the thing that brought him back to school.

In our weekly processIMG_1146 to ClaimIt!, some students’ artistic dedication and love for the arts has emerged more fully. The ClaimIt! framework recognizes the potential that already exists in students and now allows it to become a mantra. During our classes, we’ve discussed claiming one’s own story, drawings and even recognizing when one’s claims can be false or incomplete about others or themselves. Jesus is just one of the students that has used the language of ClaimIt! to make his art and call upon others to perceive the world through his eyes.

One of the most striking entries in his drawing notebook came through this image and the following thoughtful caption, “If I could claim the world, I would end all lies and I would end poverty and killing–Will you fly or fall?”